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Smart Galaxy light projector™| Upgrade Your Room|

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 Do you Love to Sleep under a Constellations?

The Galaxy Light Projector is a modern and innovative gadget which transform any room by projecting a moving galaxy and nebula cloud accompanied by laser stars
User friendly controls and stunning 16 color combinations will transform your space
into a galaxy oasis within seconds.
Here are some Extraordinary feature of the Cool Smart Galaxy light Projector:
    Download the smart life app & connect it on your mobile phone through WIFI and change the different color, set timer, on & off and laser setting through your mobile  phone easily by sleeping on bed with one click. 
    Connect the Bluetooth from your phone and listen the Music you want with a click
     With a press of button you can form constellation in the comfort of your own Home. Our remote has function such as: Laser Light(ON/OFF),galaxy movement, galaxy brightness & Switch Between 4 static color immersive color combination that change your surrounding completely.
    Sound-to-color synesthesia is a customer favorite function with accommodates galaxy Colors and movement according to the song you are listening. Evoke an out of this world experience with Galaxy light projector, creating a galactic simulation.

    Fall asleep under a playful galaxy projection without worry. With a special button located on the remote, easily set up timer that will automatically turn off the galaxy projection after 1h or 2h.
    What differs us from other Galaxy Projector brand?
    1.Galaxy light projector
    2.Micro USB Charing cable
    3.Remote Control
    4.Instruction Manual
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